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CAST Canada helps professionals and corporations better understand the role of
trauma and unresolved grief in addictions, homelessness, chronic unemployment,
and other concerns through workshops, trainings and keynote speaking throughout
Ontario and across Canada.


Complete Workshop/Event List


___________________________________________________________ 3 New Summer Workshops on the water !

Complex Emotional Burdens & Trauma
Being Human in Human Services

An Educational Retreat Day for all Health, Social Work and Justice Professionals

June 19, 2015
Elmhirst Resort, Keene, ON (just east of Peterborough)



Trauma Informed Harm Reduction

A unique, peer-evolved, effective day that de-bunks myths, helps develop deep understanding and gives great tools.

All addiction is about soothing or distracting from past trauma.” Dr. Gabor Mate

June 23,  2015
Carleton Place , ON



"Colloquium 2015" Summer Trauma Intensive
An Interactive, Educational and Experiential event for all Health, Social Work and Justice Professionals

July 28 - 30
Walker Lake, (East of Huntsville, ON)


16 participants - 2 days.

Taking the time and space not usually possible in traditional single day events we will create a unique, interactive process to gather a deep understanding, appreciation of the complexities of the work and share skills. Over 2 gentle days we will explore trauma, loss and unresolved grief as it effects you, your client and your workplace.


Custom Workshops "We come to You!"

Having quality training come to your agency or community is by far the most cost effective way to deliver training and support. We happily travel to you and offer material for staff, management, board and community.  Enjoy unique material and processes developed in and for smaller communities - we love to travel to you!
      more          705-749-6145.