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CAST Canada helps professionals and corporations better understand the role of trauma and unresolved grief in addictions, homelessness, chronic unemployment, and other concerns through workshops, trainings and keynote speaking throughout Ontario and across Canada.

CAST stands for  Come And Sit Together   ______________________________________________



Dr. Gabor Mate Grounding Trauma CAST Canada  

Grounding Trauma 2016 with Dr. Gabor Mate
Ottawa, ON Canada
May 5 and 6, 2016

S O L D   O U T !

See Dr Maté and his son Daniel
Edmonton Oct 5th
details soon


Dr. Gabor Maté is the headliner for this year's Grounding Trauma conference! Focusing on: The Essence of Trauma in Addiction and Illness: Disconnect From The Self As It Affects Our Clients And Ourselves - Dr Maté will present over the two days with a variety of other professionals during keynote speeches, interactive workshops and book signings.



Trauma Essentials "Real, Raw and Relevant"

Wednesday Feb 24, 2016
Ottawa, ON

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A unique and powerful day. Learn to work productively and safely with people who have lost so much they feel they cannot have a positive future. Gather a deep understanding of the role of trauma and loss in your clients for whom “Tomorrow Does Not Exist”.
For all health, social and justice professionals



Prevention of Psychological Injury in the Workplace:
Building Your Strategy

Wednesday, March 9, 2016
Toronto, ON

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CAST Canada and Mindful Employer provide a new way of thinking about stress, trauma, resilience, and work. We combine real life examples with practical strategies to improve your personal and professional ability to build a new and effective strategy for preventing psychological injury.
For all workplaces.  


F U S I O N - For one week we will have a plethora of sessions looking at trauma informed approaches. This will be a mash up of styles, issues, formats, sectors, presenters and research. 



Custom Workshops: "We come to You!"

Having quality training come to your agency or community is by far the most cost effective way to deliver training and support. We happily travel to you and offer material for staff, management, board and community.  Enjoy unique material and processes developed in and for smaller communities.

more          705-749-6145.